By Andrew Leigh


Seeing a project through to the end is a brilliant way to give ourselves a feeling of true achievement and satisfaction. No matter what the task, recognising that it’s finally complete helps us feel good about ourselves.

What a shame then that so many of us fall short of the finishing line so often. And what a shame too that whatever it is we haven’t quite completed drags down the way we feel about ourselves. The trouble is that those unfinished projects just don’t go away – they sit there feeling sorry for themselves, and the longer we try to ignore them the harder it is to do something about them.

We even lose our willingness to start something new because, we tell ourselves, what’s the point when it probably won’t get finished anyhow?

Good News and Great News

The good news is that getting restarted can be as rewarding and as exciting as when you first began. And the great news is that because of all the hard work you’ve already put in, you’re now much closer to the finishing line.

In fact if you think about it positively (and you always should) taking a break is a bit of a masterstroke.

  • It’s given you chance to ‘step back’ from any unforeseen and discouraging obstacles and reassess them
  • It’s an opportunity to modify your original plans with the benefit of experience
  • You can astound those who ever doubted you (including yourself)
  • You will feel fantastic once it’s finished
  • Most of all though, you can regain that original energy and enthusiasm

A question of planning

Answering these straightforward planning questions can make a huge difference to the task:

  • When do I intend to restart this project?
  • What is a realistic new target for completion?
  • How can I break the project down into stages with interim completion dates?
  • How much time do I need and when can I commit myself?
  • How can I chart my progress?

You may also wish to factor in cost and materials.

I also ask my clients many other questions to help them get to grips with the project as efficiently and enjoyably as possible. Four of the most powerful questions here are:

  • What will I do differently this time around?
  • Where do I need help?
  • Who can support me in terms of work and motivation?
  • How can I celebrate completion?

Take the time to answer each of the questions above and you’ll be well on your way.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just read this article and forget it. Act on it now! Find yourself a project that really does deserve to be finished. Now spend a moment imagining the exhilaration you’re going to feel when it’s done. Feel good?

Then go for it.

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