Telephone and Skype Coaching

Why Telephone Coaching Works

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Pathways life coach Andrew Leigh has been a successful phone coach since 2003 and has thousands of hours of phone coaching experience. In fact when you read the testimonials on this site you are not just reading testimonials for coaching, you are mainly reading testimonials for coaching by telephone and Skype audio.

It’s a surprise to many people just how powerful and effective coaching by phone or Skype can be. Despite the popularity of phone coaching over face-to-face coaching, and its overwhelming success in helping clients achieve their goals and dreams, it remains a well-kept secret to many.

The Benefits of Coaching by Phone and Skype Audio

The main benefits of telephone coaching are the same as you get from any good coaching, regardless of how it’s delivered. Please check out the rest of this site for more details.

There are, however, some specific advantages that phone coaching can bring.

  • Concentration – both client and coach find great concentration without the drawback of visual distraction
  • Convenient and Relaxing – choose your own safe haven to work from
  • Easier to ‘Open Up’ – the unusual blend of anonymity and intimacy that comes from telephone coaching helps clients to more fully open themselves to the coaching process
  • Time Efficient – there’s no travelling for phone coaching (so it’s environmentally friendly too). The opportunity is there to fit your coaching into the busiest of schedules
  •  International Coaching – it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, so long as you have a good phone or internet connection. I’m based in the UK but have coached clients in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and USA. You don’t have to be that far away, of course, and the majority of my clients are from my home city of Sheffield, from London and the rest of the UK

Take advantage of a free, no obligation telephone coaching consultation right now – or call 0114 2486554. Non-UK callers: +44 (0) 114 2486554. Non-UK callers please check time differences before calling.

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Drawbacks to Coaching by Phone

One apparent drawback to phone coaching is the obvious one of no visual contact. This means that body language feedback is unavailable. Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to weaken the coaching process. For one thing, phone coaches’ listening skills become greatly enhanced. A phone coach is listening very carefully indeed, and any experienced phone coach will testify to the old adage that you can hear a smile.

There’s also something about the relative anonymity and safety afforded by telephone coaching that allows the coaching relationship to blossom and deepen.

What if I Don’t Like Using the Phone?

This is where both the free trial/consultation and the full money back guarantee pay huge dividends, allowing you to give phone coaching a real trial without any financial risk. And remember that the majority of testimonials on this site describe the fantastic benefits clients achieved via telephone coaching. Many of my clients who have gained the most from telephone coaching expressed doubt about the process beforehand but decided to give it a try.

If phone coaching definitely isn’t for you, I do work with clients in their home, office or elsewhere, with the addition of a supplementary fee to cover travel.

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