Life Values

Understanding Your Life Values – One of the Most Profound Things You Will Ever Do

Many of my clients opt to use their first two sessions to discover and understand their life values.

Clients often tell me that these two initial values sessions were the foundation to all the positive change they achieved afterwards. What you learn about yourself in these sessions can help place so much else in context. It can explain your lack of ease and comfort in certain situations, and it can help you plan a meaningful, and satisfying future.

What are life values?

Values are the things that, deep down, are most important to us. When we shape the way we live to be in line with our values, life feels truly meaningful and satisfying. On the other hand, living a life that ignores and tramples our values leads to feeling of stress and unease. We’re like a cat that’s been stroked the wrong way.

Now here’s something a little bit weird. Although every one of us has a truly unique set of life values, and although living in alignment with our values is the keystone upon which our true happiness and wellbeing is built, most of us have only the fuzziest idea of what our own personal life values are.

This explains how we can end up with our life feeling so out of kilter. As we make our life decisions, and especially as we have decisions thrust upon us, we can often drift away from our life values. When that has happened, it can seem that our whole life has been specially designed to rub us up the wrong way.

Then, in the place of joy and lightness, we feel cranky, irritable and heavy. In the place of enthusiasm and drive we get boredom and dread. We may have less patience with the ones we love, or a nagging and unexplained feeling of stress and anxiety.

When you are out of alignment with your values, life’s just not much fun.

Regain a Meaningful, Enjoyable Life

When I work with clients to discover their true life values I’m helping them listen to themselves, helping them achieve a fuller understanding of the ingredients they need to make a fulfilling life.

That’s a powerful place to be – a true enabler for setting compelling life and career goals, recognising your options and choosing your next life path.

When your life feels right you can bet you are living in alignment with your values.

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