Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-life Doesn’t Have to be a Crisis

  • Find and plan compelling new life direction
  • Handle transitions, changes and mental re-adjustments before they become a crisis
  • Deal with post-crisis fall-out

Are you struggling to deal with the changes that mid-life brings? Do you feel in full mid-life crisis mode – or simply all at sea and overwhelmed by the tide of conflicting needs, thoughts and desires?

There’s no easy way to describe the situation you are in. But confusion, self-doubt, dissatisfaction, disappointment and unfulfilled yearnings all play a role.

And everyone suffers.

Life coach Andrew Leigh listens supportively and without judgement – and will help you to:

  • Gain clarity about your thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Understand the costs of drastic actions before you take them
  • Communicate better
  • Make decisions about the changes you may need to make
  • Plan your future

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Mid-life doesn't have to be a crisis

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