Life Direction

Life Direction Coaching Answers the Big Questions First

It’s a horrible feeling having lost your sense of life direction. If it’s happened to you then you are likely to be experiencing some of the following:

  • Lack of motivation, energy and interest in your current roles and activities
  • Unhealthy and damaging cynicism
  • An erosion of your self-confidence and self-belief
  • A tendency to dwell on past events and how you missed your true path
  • Confusion over what you really want to do with your life
  • Doubt that you’ll ever find a satisfying new life direction

So even if your life is outwardly successful with everyone around you telling you why you should be happy – you may know in your heart that you have the wrong direction in life and experience little by way of daily enjoyment or fulfilment.

Anyone Can Struggle to Find Life Direction

The truth is that just about anyone can find themselves struggling to find their direction in life – from people who have never found a compelling life direction, to those who have earned millions, gained awards, and achieved their primary goals and dreams.

Often the advice from others (and often from ourselves) is not helpful – work harder, be more disciplined, work is not there to be enjoyed, and millions would love to swap places with you. This kind of advice is never based on understanding – it’s all about conforming and not rocking the boat.

Pathways Life Direction Coaching is different.

But Pathways Life Direction Coaching is different. It’s about helping you understand yourself and your unique needs, about having the vision and courage to discover and plan a new more satisfying direction in life. So it’s not all about taking action, setting goals, making things happen – not at first, at least.

Life direction coaching helps you answer the big questions first.

There’s no point in setting goals if you don’t know what goal to set. There’s no point in planning, in committing to actions and in motivating yourself – just so you have the illusion of progress. That’s why these things, important as they are, come later.

Life direction coaching is about exploring yourself and your needs in a guided and supportive way. Finding your life direction is about understanding not just who you really want to be, but who you need to be.

It’s about discovering your own unique ingredients for a fulfilling and meaningful life – and then figuring out your own personal vision for success with those ingredients. Success on your own terms, that is. Success that makes compelling sense to you.

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Life Coaching Changes Lives.

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