The Three Steps to Wellbeing Coaching Process

It’s one thing knowing that you need to develop your sense of wellbeing – but with the complicated lives we all lead – it’s another thing entirely knowing where to start achieving it.

That’s where the Three Step to Wellbeing Coaching process comes in. How does it work? By using life coach Andrew Leigh’s wealth of coaching know-how and the profoundly powerful Three Steps to Wellbeing Process.Here’s the process in a nutshell

The Three Steps to Wellbeing Process

  1. Clearly identify the people and activities that add meaningful value to your life. Plan and take action for: more time with these people and more of these activities
  2. Clearly identify the people and activities that bring unhappiness, stress and anxiety to your life. Either – plan and take action to spend less time with the people and less time on the activities – or – find new ways of dealing with them.
  3. Identify areas for your own personal development and develop yourself!

So the coaching process is about achieving self understanding and action to move you away from the stress, anxiety and sense of pointlessness in your life, and towards feelings of fulfilment, personal satisfaction and purpose – in other words, away from illbeing and towards wellbeing.

Is It Really That Simple?

Well, yes… and no. As an overview of action, its simplicity is its strength – allowing you always to know where you are in the overall process, and where you are heading.

On a session by session basis you are working at a much more detailed and personal level so that the coaching relationship is shaped to your own unique needs and circumstances. Each person’s recipe for wellbeing and fulfilment is different from the next, and the answers and conclusions that you find for yourself will be uniquely and profoundly your own.

The 5 Pillars of Wellbeing

Throughout the three step coaching process attention is constantly paid to the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing –

  • Mental attitude
  • Economic balance
  • Personal environment
  • Social and leisure
  • Health and fitness

Balance Between Present and Future

No matter how compelling your future aspirations, if you hate your daily grind you won’t find a sense of wellbeing. But that’s also true of the opposite, so the ideal day is a balance between enjoyable and rewarding daily living and a sense of purpose about your future.

Isn’t this Making the Simple Three Step Process More Complex?

There’s now been much research into living with a sense of wellbeing and how to achieve it. This is incorporated into the coaching process. But the Three Steps to Wellbeing Process aims to maintain simplicity at its core. Wellbeing is much more about simplicity than complexity. Recognising and acting upon your own simple, personal truths is what the Three Step process is all about.

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